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Do Bookkeepers Get Quickbooks For Free?

Do Bookkeepers Get Quickbooks For Free?

Bookkeepers do not typically receive QuickBooks software for free as a standard practice. QuickBooks, whether it’s QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, is a commercial product developed by Intuit, and users are generally required to purchase a subscription or license to use it.

There are some exceptions and considerations to keep in mind:

  1. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program: Intuit offers the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, which is designed for accounting professionals, including bookkeepers and accountants. While membership in the ProAdvisor Program is not free, it does provide various benefits, including access to QuickBooks Online Accountant and discounted pricing on QuickBooks subscriptions. ProAdvisors can also become certified in QuickBooks, which can enhance their credentials.
  2. Accountant Edition: QuickBooks Desktop offers an “Accountant Edition” specifically designed for accounting professionals. While not free, it provides features and tools that are particularly useful for accountants and bookkeepers working with multiple clients’ data.
  3. Client Collaboration: Bookkeepers often collaborate with their clients who use QuickBooks Online. In such cases, the client is responsible for paying for their QuickBooks Online subscription, and the bookkeeper is granted access as a user with specific permissions to work on the client’s financial records.
  4. Business Relationships: In some cases, bookkeepers may have arrangements with clients or employers that include the cost of QuickBooks subscriptions as part of their compensation or service agreement.
  5. Free Trials and Promotions: Intuit occasionally offers free trials or promotions for QuickBooks software. Bookkeepers may take advantage of these offers to try out the software or recommend it to their clients.

While bookkeepers typically do not receive free access to QuickBooks as a standard practice, they may find value in becoming certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, which can provide them with access to resources, training, and discounted pricing to support their work with QuickBooks. The specific arrangements and costs can vary based on individual circumstances and business relationships.