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What Do You Call Yourself As Single-member LLC?

What Do You Call Yourself As Single-member LLC?

As the sole owner of a Single-Member Limited Liability Company (LLC), you are typically referred to as the “member” or “owner.” You can use either term to describe your role in the LLC.

Here’s how these terms are commonly used:

  • Member: When you form a single-member LLC, you become the sole member of the LLC. In legal and business contexts, you are referred to as the “member.” For example, you would be listed as a member on official LLC documents, contracts, and tax filings.
  • Owner: In everyday language, you can also be referred to as the “owner” of the single-member LLC. While “owner” is a more common term, both “member” and “owner” are appropriate and interchangeable when referring to your position within the LLC.

Whether you use “member” or “owner” to describe yourself within your single-member LLC, it’s important to clearly document your role in the LLC to maintain the separation between your personal and business identities, which is essential for maintaining limited liability protection. When signing legal documents, contracts, or other official papers on behalf of the LLC, it’s advisable to include your name followed by “Member” or “Owner” to make your role clear. For example, “John Doe, Member of ABC LLC.” This helps establish your legal authority as the LLC’s owner or member.