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What Are The 4 Item Types In QBO?

In QuickBooks Online (QBO), there are four primary item types that you can use to track different types of income, expenses, and inventory.

These item types are…

  1. Service – Service items are used to track services that your business provides to customers. They are typically non-inventory items and are used for invoicing customers for services rendered.
  2. Inventory – Inventory items are used to track products that your business buys, sells, and holds in inventory. They help you track the quantity and value of your inventory, including items you purchase and sell.
  3. Non-inventory – Non-inventory items are used to track products that your business buys and sells but does not hold in inventory. Unlike inventory items, non-inventory items do not track quantity on hand and are typically used for items that are purchased on demand or drop-shipped to customers.
  4. Bundle – Bundle items are used to group multiple items together as a single item for sale. They allow you to sell multiple items as a package or bundle, which can be useful for offering discounts or promotions.

These item types in QBO allow you to accurately track and manage the products and services your business sells, helping you maintain accurate records and financial reporting.